Smith and Company

Smith and Company is a Southern Gospel group whose goal is to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ in song. As in Bible days, music was used to encourage and draw people to the Lord. That is the aim of our ministry. We want to lift up the saints and encourage others to seek salvation through Jesus. Our group uses a live band consisting of keyboard, guitars, steel guitar, and drums. This offers a vitality and energy that cannot be found when singing to pre-recorded music. Our sound is "just right" with a musical blend that allows the voices and lyrics to be heard. We are not a full-time group.  We have jobs and travel regionally on weekends singing the gospel.

The group is currently comprised of  four singers and five musicians.  I sing bass, and my wife, Cindy, sings alto.   Our son, Andy,  plays  piano and guitar.  His exciting playing provides  versatility,  enabling us to  sing several styles.    Ellis Pappas and Steve Skelton are talented players who keep us going with a tight rhythm on guitars. We are blessed to have Rick Denny skillfully playing steel guitar. One of the most complimentary drummers in gospel music, Jerry Doyle, is playing for us.  Lead singer,  Rusty Cecil,  anchors the group with his rich, smooth sound.  The baritone part is excellently  filled by Steve Hester, who has many years of quartet experience.   Our style appeals to young and old alike. We sing the classics and also the newer Southern Gospel tunes. Our programs include numbers sung by The Cathedrals, The Kingsmen, Gold CIty, and The Gaithers. If you are a fan of Southern Gospel music, you will recognize many of our songs. We hope you will enjoy our music, and more importantly, receive a blessing from God as you listen to Smith and Company Gospel Quartet.